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Online Betting Offers Explained

New player gambling bonuses are undoubtedly a massive draw for Canadian players who value a steady offering of unique slot games and generous casino bonuses. New betting sites tend to provide far superior casino bonuses than established ones as they need to draw in new players. That also keeps players [...]

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Online Casinos See Rise in Players

Gambling statistics reveal that over 25% of the population gamble in some form or other. That means over 1.6 billion people gamble, and 4.2 billion gambles once a year or more. Online gambling statistics and demographics in the UK show that 17% of the population gamble online. That results in [...]

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Pitfalls To Avoid While Placing Bets On Sports

Making a mistake at the wrong time during a game can make the difference between winning and losing. Sports betting works in precisely the same way. Mistakes can happen to anyone, knowing how to watch out for them and learn from the process to avoid making them. Mistakes are inevitable [...]

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Things To Remember When Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is a straightforward, exciting card game that pits the player against a dealer to see who makes the best hand without exceeding 21. There are two ways to win: having the highest hand total at the end of the hand or not going over 21 if the dealer does. [...]

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Are gambling scams still common?

Scams are unfortunately commonplace in many industries besides online gambling. There will always be fraudsters who attempt to subvert the system and gain an unfair advantage. Moreover, some unscrupulous operators will try to take advantage and make a quick buck for themselves. Online gambling follows stringent regulations regarding its operation. [...]

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Some of the Most Unusual Online Slots Themes

There are hundreds of slot machine themes to choose from, and most are typical. Some of them feature unique functions and features that often make them unique. Each of the following slot themes will appeal to specific groups of players; however, they are delightful to play and can provide hours [...]

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Online Slots: A 21st Century Phenomenon

Online slots are a modern phenomenon born at the tail end of the 20th century. The new millennium saw a tremendous increase in their popularity, taking the humble slot machine well into the 21st century and beyond. They evolve from 3 reel mechanical slot machines to highly advanced video slots [...]

2021-02-01T15:36:50+00:00Slot Articles|

How Have Online Casinos Fared This Pandemic Globally?

Before 2020, the winds of change were already sweeping through the gambling world. Online gambling had deeply impacted attendances at land-based casinos. Interest in land-based slot games has diminished. Slot machines provide the bulk of revenue casinos generate with a 60% profit margin per slot machine. Millennials are opting more [...]

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